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Writing a CV: explained step by step with templates.

Do you need inspiration for your tabular resume and want to spend as little time as possible? Then we have something for you: our free resume templates. Our samples and CV templates are suitable for every industry. They are just as suitable for a traditional company as they are for a hip start-up or a future-oriented technology company if you want to write an application.

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A CV template or a sample saves you a lot of work that you can put into formulating your knowledge. This is how your tabular resume will be a success with the help of our samples and resume templates!

The curriculum vitae, in English also Curriculum Vitae (C.V.), clearly shows the previous career with all relevant stations and achievements of applicants *. For HR professionals, it is the most important document in your application, along with the cover letter and, if applicable, the application photo. Many use it to get a first impression and often even make it dependent on whether they are still reading the cover letter at all. Since our CV templates and samples are geared towards different industries as well as the need of HR managers for clarity, they are perfectly suited.

Here is an overview of the criteria that a good CV should meet:

What types of resumes are there?

There are three types of resumes that can be relevant to your application. The content and structure are almost the same, regardless of the variant selected.

Tabular CV

Detailed CV

Handwritten resume

The most common form is the tabular curriculum vitae. Unless the advertised position requires otherwise, you should choose this variant.

What should you watch out for in the content?

It is complete, meaningful, error-free, structured, and clear.

Where does the CV go into the application folder?

It comes in the order immediately after the cover letter and before the certificates.

How many pages should a resume have?

It should not be longer than one or two A4 pages. A general rule of thumb: as short as possible, as long as necessary. No HR manager wants to spend a lot of time reading your resume in tabular form.

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